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Chef Jacqueline has experience presenting both online and in person, and loves to get people fired up about food! Jacqueline’s infectious enthusiasm, on the spot creativity and sense of humour make her entertaining to watch or listen to, while being knowledgeable, warm and personable. Her formal chef background in Michelin star restaurants and cordon bleu diploma gives her a great grounding across all cookery techniques. She is also an experienced gardener and forager.


Her fields of expertise include seafood, wild game and BBQ cooking. She is motivated by her belief that inspiring others to cook and eat in a sustainable way, can make a huge difference not just to our mental and physical health, but also the health of the planet. She has created many engaging recipes and experiences for food events, which showcase a particular ingredient or product. 



  • Pasture-fed meat and dairy (Jacqueline is a proud member of Pasture for Life)
  • Hedgerow foraging and cooking with wild ingredients including game
  • BBQ and fire cookery
  • Cooking to support regenerative food systems

Chef Jacqueline is available for:

  • Teaching hands-on workshops for private and corporate groups (foraging and fire-cookery most popular)
  • Recipe development, product videos & food photography (professional studio available)
  • Demonstrations and talks for food festivals and events
  • Chef presenter roles
  • Podcast and radio opportunities
  • Social media collaborations

“We invited Jacqueline to be a regular guest after an inspiring interview for international women’s day. She is always down to earth, knowledgeable and engaging, with great banter and sense of fun.” BBC Sussex Radio


“Jacqueline hosted a fun, interactive live cook-a-long on our global Instagram platform, cooking live with our community of foodies across the globe. We saw a really high engagement and great feedback from our global foodie audience. Jacqueline is a pleasure to work with!” Eatwith


“Jacqueline used her experience to produce a really professional product video for us. She came up with a quick and delicious recipe video to showcase the versatility of our cheese in a way that was fun and simple to follow. The feedback from our followers was really positive and I have no doubt that these product videos are an excellent way to engage further with your audience and market” Balcombe Dairy


“Jacqueline has created fantastic recipes, food photos and videos showcasing our products from cooking live lobsters to masala mussels and sustainable hake. It has helped grow our online presence, inspire our existing client base and generate new business. She is highly skilled, creative and totally unflappable!” Pure Oyster Fish

Jacqueline on TV


After working with Channel 4 and Nigella Lawson on 'The Taste,' Jacqueline was invited to compete on a new cookery quiz show with Simon Rimmer. Jacqueline's partner didn't win any of the premium ingredients; the team were stuck with some seriously challenging options! Luckily, Jacqueline managed to turn things around in her cookery round, with a winning dessert that both judges were blown away by and agreed would be good on either of their menus. She won the show.


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